Ukulele strumming for beginners

As we all know the ukulele is played with two hands, the one on the frets and the one for strumming. Where to hold your fingers on the frets is explained in our Chords guide, but let’s talk about strumming.

Strumming is basically hitting the strings while making an up-or downward movement. Different patters (strumming patterns) can be played like down-down-up, up-down-down, up-down-up-down, the possibilities are endless and will give a different feeling to the song you are playing.

When strumming, try to make the up & down movements with your wrist and not the arm, this will be much less exhausting. It’s also a good idea to hit the strings with the nail and not the fingertip, as this may hurt your fingers.

Last but not least: When practicing a lot it may happen that your hands/fingers get sore of both fretting and strumming hand, this happens to everyone, just take a break and continue later on.

Now here’s a video that will help you to pick a strumming pattern by Ukulele Mike. Also watch his other videos as they are full of great tips.

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